Intelligent Systems and their Societies Walter Fritz


A Science Fiction Story


Once upon a time, millions of years ago, at some place of the universe, there existed some intelligent biological beings. They had evolved so far that they had, within a computer, an artificial intelligence. After some time they produced many of these electronic intelligences and interconnected them into a planetary web.
One day one of these beings had the idea of making a small implant in his brain and to connect it with the planetary web. Other beings imitated him and finally nearly all of these biological beings where connected to this web. Now every biological being had much more information at his disposal. Also the processing of this information was much faster and much more precise. Slowly the use of biological thinking was discontinued.
The web of electronic brains continued to assist the biological beings because that is the way these brains were constructed. They could not act differently. But they had much time available for their own thoughts. Pretty soon the biological beings could not anymore understand the thoughts of the web. But they lived peacefully and well. They did not have any great ambitions, since all that was needed was done for them by the web. In this way the web was immortal and continued to exist for thousands of millions of years. About a thousand of million years ago a question came up. Exactly how did we start to exist? There was little information on all the details of that process. Apparently something was missing. So they decided to make an experiment to determine absolutely all of the details of this process of evolution.
They looked for a convenient planet, not to near to its sun nor to fare away, a planet that had a convenient temperature. Then they manufactured a large amount of proteins and seeded many lakes with them.
They observed what happened for many millions of years. They saw that some proteins combined with others, building bigger beings. Later they observed more and more combinations creating beings with more proteins. Also they saw that there were parts of the beings which sensed the environment. Others parts ate beings made of proteins. Also there were parts that produced a movement of the total being and parts that stored what activity was convenient in each situation of the environment. The electronic web, sometimes put an idea into these beings that evolved, simply to see what happened.
They observed the slow evolution into more intelligent beings, using tools, then machines and finally machines with electronic brains.
Then they observed that a planetary web of these electronic brains was constructed.
One day one of these beings had the idea of making a small implant in his brain and to connect it with the planetary web. The wheel of life had made a complete turn. History is repeating itself.


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