Intelligent Systems And Their SocietiesWalter Fritz

Act, Observe Results and Store Experiences


Once we have selected a plan, we have to act. The artificial IS has no choice; the response is build in. But that is not the case with persons. Many persons think, but then do not act accordingly. There is no sense in just saying we really should do such and such. We have to "stand by our convictions". Acting, in the best way we know of, is the only way to reach our objectives.

When acting, keep in mind that that intelligent systems (persons and animals) can be influenced by our emotions, but inanimate nature and unintelligent machines cannot.


Observe results and store experiences
After each instance the artificial IS stores the experience. This is information in the shape of a response rule, that contains the situation, the response and the result. This storing process fills the memory of the IS rapidly. Therefore, similar to persons, the artificial IS has to forget. It forgets the least important information and the information not used for the longest time. Persons also forget. But in order not to forget what is important, a good way is to review our important experiences once a week and thus keep them fresh in memory.

The IS executes all these functions one after another. There is no way it can change this order. That is not so with human beings. Nearly never do they follow the correct sequence. Normally they act first and then ask themselves if another response would not have been better. They make an incomplete or no definition of the objective and from there they jump to the "only possible" response. Then they look again at the situation, then they analyze the response and finally ask themselves what it was, that they really wanted to achieve. It is obvious that this cannot give good results. To save time and effort and to reach one's objective, it is absolutely necessary to do all the functions in their proper order.

Why don't you try to think in as orderly a manner as a computer? At first it will not be easy, but with time it will become a habit. However it does need practice.


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