Intelligent Systems And Their Societies Walter Fritz

Definition Of The Intelligent System (IS)


Do not take the considerations shown under What Is Intelligence (For continuous reading, like a book - do not enter here now) as a justification for the following definition. We wrote them just to show the way by which we reached the definition. We herewith, more or less arbitrarily, create a new concept, the "Intelligent System" (IS) and think it is a useful one. We have used it in building artificial intelligent systems. It seems to explain quite well some occurrences in natural intelligent systems (IS), in societies, and is useful in understanding some philosophical questions. In no sense is it a true or false definition, just a useful one. Also we are certain that this definition can be improved. [See Definitions (For continuous reading, like a book - do not enter here now)].


Here is a useful definition of an Intelligent System:


What does this definition imply?

You can go over the above noted conditions and check, mentally, what would happen if you cancel anyone of them. We believe that you will conclude that all are necessary. If any one is absent the IS could not function.

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