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Details of a Concept


Components of a Concept
Lets look a little bit more at the concept. What is it composed of? In artificial intelligent systems, concepts have a label, a general type, and their contents (their links). The IS uses the label to refer to the concept in mental processes. The type may be "elementary" or "composite".


In an artificial IS a concept is a number, either related to the memory address where the concept is stored, or the actual address itself. The contents of this concept is a listing of other numbers (the labels) which are the corresponding (part or concrete) concepts. This number is based on a binary number; a number composed of bits. A bit is a "binary" data type; that is, it expresses one of only two alternatives. It is a 1 or a 0, a yes or a no, true or false, black or white, something is or is not, yin or yang, voltage or no voltage, an excited nerve or an inhibited nerve. We know that not everything in our world is black or white, but we can still use this binary form of representation by expressing intermediate states, to any desired precision, with a series of bits.

The reader should note that the label of a concept in an artificial IS does not represent a concept, it is a concept. It is this number (symbol) itself with which the artificial brain operates. Within the artificial IS there is nothing else this number could represent (what a person thinks about this number, this concept, does not affect the artificial IS). In the artificial IS this number has the same function as the output of the neurons in the natural SI.

In the natural IS, a concept is the output of a neural field. The "field" may even consist of a single neuron. The brain creates a concept by changing the excitatory or inhibitory influence of the dendrites of a neuron on its axon.


As a conclusion of the above expansion of the "concept", please note that here we have a very important change from that of classical philosophies and of popular opinion. We now say that a concept is NOT something immaterial, universal and eternal, but rather that it is an (electrical) number, existing in a specific artificial IS, or the sum of the states of output neurons of a neural field existing in a specific natural IS.

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