Intelligent Systems And Their Societies Walter Fritz



Consequences of
Artificial Intelligent Systems
for the Human Society


Here you will read about the great advantages of having artificial intelligent systems, namely a greatly increased standard of living and also of great dangers that we have to avoid. The dangers are in the transition of our society from one based on work to one based on leisure and especially the danger of giving a robot its own survival as a main objective.


Prosperity and Well - being
The widespread use of artificial intelligent systems will bring a new industrial revolution. In other words, it will bring a high standard of living but also the end of paid work.
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Use of Intelligent Systems For Thinking
Artificial intelligent systems, with their high speed and precision in thinking, will give us expert advice in our daily activities.
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The Safety Valve
Many books and movies show robots and androids as dangerous monsters. Of course every machine has its "safety valve", for instance cars have brakes. Also robots and other artificial intelligent systems will have their safety device.
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Significant unemployment accompanies presently the automatization and robotization of our economy.
Here is a simple way to avoid all unemployment (For continuous reading, like a book - do not enter here now)..


Social dividend
It is very disagreeable to live in a country with a large amount of very poor persons, high unemployment and the resulting high criminality. Here is one way to avoid this, the Social dividend (For continuous reading, like a book - do not enter here now)..


We have seen some of the effects that artificial ISs will have. Other effects will occur, which we cannot foresee today. Mankind has adapted to many changes and the IS will be another big change. This change is desirable however, because the advantages, by far, outweigh the disadvantages.


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