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Higher levels of Government


All higher level government shall be similar in structure. There will be many levels of executive government, as well as many levels of judiciary and legislative government. This system of corporations with similar functions has a great advantage. It permits the practical training of governors at each level.

Below you will read about municipalities and counties; but, the same is true for the relation of all lower level governments with their corresponding higher level government.


Why do we need higher levels of government?
There are some activities that cannot be done by one municipality alone. For instance: plan and build overland electrical power lines, long highways, canals, and railroads. All these pass through many municipalities and need coordination. Activities that cannot be done by one municipality alone need the county as coordinator.

How is this county government elected?
In the same way as in the municipality, a first level of discussion groups will be formed, but with mayors instead of private citizens as members. When they know each other well, they will elect one of them to represent the discussion group at the next higher level discussion group. This will go on at several levels until the highest discussion group of the county is formed. "Elect only somebody you know personally"
This group is the board of directors of the executive branch of government of the county. They select one of them as the chief executive officer. The municipalities will specify the services they require from the county and pay for these services.

Since the judiciary power is separate from the executive power, the same process also occurs within the judiciary system where the Municipal Judges form the first layer of discussion group. They finally arrive at the election of the county judiciary board of directors and the County Judge. Also here of course, The municipal judiciary corporation will specify the services it requires and pay for them.

This same process is also repeated within the legislative power. The municipal legislative corporations will specify the services required from the county, namely higher level laws, based on the municipal laws. The municipal corporations will also pay for these services. These higher level laws would be created using parts of laws, common to many municipalities. A new county law is voted and becomes effective only when a high percentage of the members of the board approve it.

No level of government is allowed to sell bonds, shares or request bank loans. Their only income will be that received from lower level government. Furthermore, their spending shall not exceed their income.


Higher level decisions are binding for all municipalities!
Once the county has made the plans, for instance for a highway, this decision is binding for all municipal executive corporations.
In the same way judicial decisions of a county are binding for all municipal judiciary corporations and laws created by county legislative corporations are binding for all municipal legislative corporations.
In all three branches of government these higher level decisions are voted and approved by the lower level through the board of directors. But once approved they are binding also for those municipalities that did not vote for them.


Functions of the highest level of executive government

Central Bank
This is a private enterprise, strictly controlled by the highest level of government. It emits money and guaranties the stable value of the currency. The cumulative inflation over the years has to be zero. It shall have a capital of shares and bonds. When there is inflation, it will use its shares and bonds to buy money (and store it) and will increase the legal reserves of all banks. On the other hand, when there is deflation, it sells money, buying shares and bonds and it reduces the legal reserves of the banks.


Highest Legislative Corporation
This is simply the last step of many levels of summing up lower level laws. The laws of the immediate lower level are summed up and voted by the board of directors. Once approved, they are binding for all lower levels of government.
There is no constitution. A constitution is needed when laws are created from the top down. But here we have the inverse process. The laws of the highest level of government have the function of a constitution.


Highest Judicial Corporation
The highest judiciary government will supervise the judiciary system of all lower levels, to assure that the constitution and existing laws are complied with and that the judiciary procedures are in accord with existing standards. It will sentence in conflicts between lower levels of government.


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