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Obtain Information

Before we can determine what the present situation is, we need information about our environment. This information can come only from our exterior senses and from our body (hunger and pain, for instance). Naturally what a another person says or has written is an important source of information: Another source of information is our memory of the results of previous actions. So we observe: We should pay special attention to information received through spoken or written words and to pictures seen by TV and the Internet. It is incredible , how much information that we receive is incorrect. We should ask ourselves the following questions, and, based on our answers, decide if the news is probably true or false ("news" here means printed articles, books and other spoken, written or shown information).

Contents of the news:

Credibility of the source of the news:

A second source for the news:

After considering all these points, it should be possible to decide if the piece of news is probably true or false.

We take this immense amount of information, and concentrating on that which is important for our objectives, we build up the present situation. Doing this, we should use concepts that are useful and correspond to our environment. For details see Misuse of concepts (For continuous reading, like a book - do not enter here now).

We try to get as much detail as required for our purposes. Without sufficient and correct information from our environment, we will build up an erroneous situation and reacting to it, our responses will not be adequate to the real situation. We will not reach our objective.


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