Intelligent Systems And Their Societies Walter Fritz

An Opportunity to Reason Much Better


Human beings are the species that dominate this planet because they reason better than all other beings on it. However even between humans there are those that reason better than others. We observe that those that reason better, normally also live better, they have a better standard of living, a better quality of live. Therefore it is of the greatest importance to reason as well as possible. (Here we use the word "reason" to indicate the processes occurring in the brain of the IS).

This is your opportunity to increase your intelligence by 200% to 300%, believe it, or not. By this we mean that you will reach more of your objectives, and you will do so in less time. Naturally if you are already applying all these methods and in the right order, your intelligence will not change.

The ideas expressed in this chapter are not new; they can be found in other books. What is new is that we give a theoretical basis for the existing empirical ideas. You will find that all the concepts and response rules expressed here will flow naturally from what we now know about intelligence, intelligent systems and their society.

By observing the functioning of artificial IS's, we can learn a lot about how to reason better, about how to increase our intelligence. Because, if we perform all the steps of reasoning consciously and in their proper order, our reasoning will be more effective and we have a better chance to get the wanted results.

Well, how do these artificial IS's reason? Their computer program consists of parts, each of which does a function. The main functions are:


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