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We have seen how an artificial IS reasons and what we can learn from it. But that is something like learning to ride a bicycle or to drive a car. You cannot learn it by only reading a book. You need practice.

Select first an easy but real problem that you have. Do all the steps in sequence, preferably in writing. What is it that you want? Why do you want it? In other words what is the higher level objective? Is it a good objective? Is it worth your time and effort to reach it? Why? Once you have answered these questions and are satisfied with the objective, go to the next step.

Observe the present situation. Use your senses and sources of information. Get a true and detailed description of the situation. In what way is the situation similar to a past situation and in what way is it different. With a good description of the situation in hand, and based on your experience, select various plans of response. Remember that they have to be various, even though at first sight there is a response that appears to be the best, by far. Try to write down and elaborate several alternatives. Give a numerical evaluation to the important advantages of each. Remember to note down the same amount of important advantages, in order to give all alternatives the same chance. Select the alternative with the highest point rating. Be extra careful with irreversible responses. Once you are convinced of what is the best response, you have to act, otherwise you will not reach your objective. Observe the result and learn from this for the next time.

At the end of the week, review what you have done. At first you will make errors, that is natural. But with time, you will see how your reasoning improves, how much easier it is to do all the steps and in their proper sequence.

Then, when you have learned the method, use it to solve your big problems and use it to achieve your important objectives.

Remember: human beings are the species that dominate this planet because they reason better.


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