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Summary of Processes within the General Learner


The General Learner (GL) is an IS (Intelligent System) having the user as it's environment. The user types words or (with the mouse) draws, moves and erases on the screen; and the program captures this action and responds to it. Also the user can express his approval by pressing the up arrow key and his disapproval with the down arrow.


The Main Process
The main process of GL (called the main function in the C programming language) is as follows:

Do start up
Read memory
While (no "exit" received) do:
MainEvent (getting menu, keyboard and screen inputs from the user)
if (got "exit")
do so
Senses (gets sense inputs)
DoAction (applies chosen actions)
WorldMgr (moves objects on screen due to elapsed time and computer action)
End of while
if (requested)
Save memory

Of the "Main" process only "Senses", "Brain" and "DoAction" are the IS, the rest only manages the environment.


The Brain Process
The Brain functions as follows:

if (needed)
Forget (rules and concepts not used for the longest time)
if (needed)
Sleep (create more generally applicable response rules)
Make Present Situation (creates concepts and present situation from sense inputs)
if (approval received)
Handle Approval (affects values of concepts in the situation part of the response rule)
if (Previous Situation not equal to Present Situation)
Learn Response Rule (learn rule from activity of person)
Make Previous Situation
Make List of Applicable Response Rules (applicable to present situation)
rule = Choose a Response Rule (from memory)
if (rule exists)
Apply Patterns (to rule, adjusts rule)
if (rule is none)
Give Notice: "I don't know what to do"
if (rule exists)
Decompose Action Part of Rule into Concrete Actions

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