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The original design called for a steel construction. Since the Robby prototype was to be build in a home workshop, the skeleton design was changed to hard wood, using commercially available bronze bushings and calibrated steel for axles.

Total cost for materials for the skeleton: 284 dollars

Total shop hours for the skeleton: 260 hrs.
These are shop hours and do not include design and purchasing time. (These hours are mostly hand sawing and filing and can be greatly reduced by using adequate machinery)

Total weight of the skeleton: 5 kg (11 lbs).

Construction of skeleton started Sept '97, finalized May '99.


Here are the main subassembly drawings (steel construction):

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Upper Arm
Lower Arm
Upper Leg
Lower Leg


Here are some pictures of the skeleton that was built (hard wood construction):

Robby with author
Robby from side
Hand detail


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