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Specifications for "Robby"


Here are the specifications for Robby, a household and light industry robot.


Expected cost: about 9000 dollars (see prototype costs)
Height: 130 cm = 51 inches = 4 1/4 ft.
Weight: 30 Kg ( 66 lbs).
Force: That normal for a 130 cm high person.
Power: Total 220 watts.
Plug in cord, (the robot has two plug in cords, it moves to a new room, plugs itself in and then goes back and unplugs itself) plus NiCad batteries, plus 220/120 V, 80 psi electric air compressor.
Movement: All movement by pneumatic cylinders.
SILENT, oiled air in a closed cycle.
Compressed air reserve (high and low pressure) in chest.
Senses: Eyes & Ears: 2 CCD cameras (Connectix "Quick Cam")

Touch: about 25 sensors:
At fingers inside, hand inside, hand outside, torso back, shoulders sides, head sides, front & back, feet sole, sides, knee sides, elbow.

Balance: two verticality sensors in body (front to back, right to left).
The robot is in dynamic balance only (just as a person) without continuous signals from the brain it will fall.

Limb location: encoders at all axes.

Brain: Possibly three motherboards of quadra 605, one for sound input, one for vision input and one for the General Learner (or General Learner 3) Program (For continuous reading, like a book - do not enter these now)., or one iMac or similar (with external unplugable diskette, no hard disk). In and output by RS 232 serial cable.
Interfaces: Twenty times a second all inputs are sent from the senses to the RS-232 port, and also all outputs are sent from the RS-232 port to the valves.
Mind: General Learner computer program (or General Learner 3) Program (For continuous reading, like a book - do not enter these now).. (100K bytes program + 1.5 Mb Ram memory)
Mobility: 24 axes, for head, arms, legs.
Voice: Loudspeaker in mouth location.
Suggested Applications: In general: light household work or light assembly work

Push light button, move light switch
Turn knob of kitchen range
Light gas fire with lighter, light stoves
Lift pot, move pot
Open door knob, open door with key
Open and close window
Hold plate, knife, fork, spoon
Wash plate with sponge, wash drinking glass
Store plates, glasses and cutlery
Mix ingredients for cake
Clean horizontal and vertical surfaces with rag
Clean with vacuum cleaner, clean windows
Make bed
Move chairs, store books
Wash clothes with washing machine, store laundry
Open and close drawer
Put clothes on line to dry
Answer telephone, dial telephone
Water flowers
Bring glass of water


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