Intelligent Systems And Their Societies Walter Fritz

Tests of the program


Here we show the result of some tests, using only text input and output The input and output are here separated by "->"

Test 1
We entered various input and output sentences like these:
I am Peter -> Hi Peter
I am Paul -> Hi Paul
with different names.
While sleeping, the program found the pattern and replaced the name of the output by the one found in the input.
Entering then: "I am Bob" it answered correctly "Hi Bob".

Test 2
We entered "write three P" -> "P P P"
Then the same with "3" and in the third example with the Roman "III". While sleeping, the program abstracted a new concept having as concrete concepts the "three", "3" and "III".
Now we taught it "give me 3 A" -> "A A A"
To see if it could use the abstract concept we entered "give me three A" and it answered "A A A". It had learned that the "3" can be replaced by "three".

Test 3
We entered:
write the name Ann -> Ann
write your name Ann -> Ann
write Ann here and now -> Ann
While sleeping, the program generalized, eliminating all that is superfluous and created a "generalized" rule. Now we entered: "write Ann" and it answered with "Ann"

Test 4
We entered :
write two B -> B B
write two C -> C C
write two D -> D D
After sleeping, we entered "write two Peter" and it answered "Peter Peter"

Test 5
In this way we taught it also the concepts for "three", "four", "fife" and "six".
Then we taught the concept "less".
We entered:
write four E less two E -> E E
write six F less two F -> F F F F
write six G less three G -> G G G
After sleeping we entered "write five X less two X" it answered correctly with "X X X".


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