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Get into the Habit of Thinking


Most people go through life without thinking. They react automatically, from habit, to a given situation. They do not have a conscious objective and select their actions to get nearer their objective. Also they do not think about consequences of their actions. This is bad, it leads to many errors in acting.

When you talk or think about a subject, stay with the subject, see all its sides, until you have reached a conclusion. Do not jump to another, unrelated, subject before finishing the first.
Also, when talking, use words in daily use, or define your words, so that the other person can understand you fully.

Those few persons that are in the habit of thinking, normally live better, they reach their goals. Therefore it is most important to get into the habit of thinking.

You get into a habit by doing repeatedly. At first this will be slow and a lot of work, but with practice, this will become much faster and more useful. So think at least once or twice a day before you act. How can you do this "thinking"? That is explained in the following sections.



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