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This is a tentative training program.

1) Learning to stand - trunk movement
Objective structure: needs fixed strong objective of verticality and weak objective, legs and head at default position (weak = override possible by stronger objective). Arms: no objective.
Without functioning eyes and sound.

Immobilize feet and hip, move upper body at shouders .

1a) Move forward and return
1b) idem backwards
1c) idem to right
1d) idem to left

2) Learning to stand - total body movement
Inmobilize feet, move total body

2a) Move forward and return
2b) idem backwards
2c) idem to right
2d) idem to left

3) Learning to stand - total body movement with step

3a) Move far forward and second person moves one leg forward
3b) idem second leg
3c idem backwards
3d) idem backwards second leg
3e) idem to right, moving one leg sideward
3f) idem to left

4) Learning to walk
(after having learned to stand)

4a) type "walk forward", and guide forward at schoulder
4b) idem backwards
4c) idem to right
4d) idem to left

5) Pick up a plate from table
(Needs functioning eyes!!)
Standing at table, guide hand and fingers to pick up plate
use various plates, various standing locations at table

6) Place a plate on table
with plate in hand, guide hand and fingers.

7) Pick up a glass from table
idem to (5)

8) Put a glass on table
idem to (6)


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