Intelligent Systems And Their Societies Walter Fritz

Use of
Artificial Intelligent Systems
for Thinking


Once artificial IS's are working well, they will certainly think much faster than humans can (their internal clock has millions of cycles per second) and they will be more exact in thinking. We humans often confuse concepts or have very inexact concepts. Once IS's in computers are in use for many years, their concepts should be very precise and very detailed. We can easily copy this structure of concepts and response rules into all new IS's. So we see that in the long run computers will think much better and much faster than humans ever can. But still they are machines, we give them their objectives, they do not give us our objectives.

Such computers will be of great help to humans in our daily activity. We can keep them informed about all that is happening to us, through sensors that we carry, and they can give us very expert advice. This should make our choice of sub objectives and our activities much more effective.


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