Intelligent Systems And Their SocietiesWalter Fritz

Why Build Complete, Autonomous Intelligent Systems?


The A.I. community of researchers does much work on the different functions of the brain such as picture recognition, knowledge representation and natural language understanding, but does relatively little to define and build a complete, autonomous intelligent system (IS). We believe that the total is more than its parts and that we need a systemic approach, meaning that we should study the system as a whole: in its totality. This should not replace research into the detail of intelligence, but should complement it, providing a general framework. Hopefully, later, all the detail work can be fitted in, each in its place.

Let's have a look at another aspect of the question. Why do many persons wish to build general purpose robots? We already have special purpose machines that can produce and do for us so many things! It is true that we have refrigerators and dish washing machines, we have the most complicated machines at the factory that produce many articles with great speed and accuracy, but they are good for just one job. They can drill 80 holes into an engine part at the same time, but humans have to operate and repair them.

In the household, some jobs are automated, for others we have excellent machines, but still persons have to operate the machines. It would be wonderful if human beings were liberated from daily work so that they can do only what they would like to do (like being creative or enjoy themselves), and still live very well. In this the robots can help us.

For another opinions of why we should build personal robots, see The Original Idea (Exterior link) by Richard Greenhill.

What should be the shape of these robots? All the existing tools and machines are designed to be operated by persons. They are adapted to persons and therefore an artificial intelligent system (IS) that can operate them has to have hands and feet similar to a person. It has to have a body, like a doll, but it should not look menacing. Thus, we would suggest that it be about 4 1/4 feet (130 cm) high and have the weight and strength of the average person of this height.


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